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Get a-head of the game: Understanding concussions in children

Studies have shown that the majority of sports-related concusssions occur in children and teens. Look for the symptoms and warning signs, and learn how to ensure that your child fully recovers if she does sustain a head injury. Comment.

Understanding rent-stabilized apartments

Ask an Attorney: Stating who can live in your rent-stabilized and rent-controlled apartment after you die requires documentation. Comment.

Reading for little dinos

Featured Event: Children will enjoy an interactive reading of “Dinosaur vs. School” at BAM on Sept. 20. Comment.

Learn the ins and outs of caring for pets

Featured Event: Children learn how to take care of most common pets. Comment.

Helping kids get enough sleep in a 24-7 world

Growing Up Online: Help kids develop a genuine appreciation for the benefits of sleep so they will make healthy decisions even when you aren’t around. Comment.

Be a DIY rock star

New & Noteworthy: Manhattan-based Loog Guitars announces the release of their three-string, electric guitars for families to build and play together. Comment.

Pertussis can be a big whoop

Family Health: Pertussis — or whooping cough — can be prevented by immunizations, but it is still a serious and highly contagious disease. Comment.

So much to do at Queens County Farm Fair

Featured Event: Families can enjoy blue ribbon competitions, rides, dancing, and the Amazing Maize Maze at the Queens County Farm Museum Fair on Sept. 20 and 21. Comment.

Applying to colleges: My experiences and tips

Letter from College: The college application process is a journey filled with many decisions and obstacles. Here’s how our columnist tackled those obstacles. Comment.

Celebrate creativity

Featured Event: View demonstrations, experiements and more than 600 inventors and their projects at the Fifth Annual Maker Faire. Comment.

The right diet can fuel a successful school year

Whether you have a picky eater, star athlete, or child with a peanut allergy, make sure she stays healthy with these tips. Comment.

Do the math: Teaching your child mathematics at an early age will give them an edge

Downtown Mommy: Experts now say that when kids who master simple math before the age of 6 become better learners. Comment.

Learn and play the fun way

Featured Event: Children have fun learning by playing with the big blue blocks of Imagination Playground at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum on Sept. 18, 19, and 20. Comment.

Social networks and divorce

Divorce & Separation: An article found that social networking sites — and Facebook in particular — may lead to or speed up a dissolving marriage. Comment.

New York City med centers and specialties rank high

Healthy Living: Several of the city’s hospitals and medical specialty centers ranked as some of top in the country. Comment.

Fun for all ages at 92Y Street Festival

Featured Event: Children can enjoy hands-on activities at the annual fair on Sept. 14. Comment.

Parenting the troubled child: Seek help for mental illness

Mental illness shouldn’t go untreated or be hidden out of shame. Take advantage of the help and support that’s out there for troubled kids and the parents who love them. Comment.

Parenting an artist

For those of us parenting these creative children, there are steps we can take to insure that our young artists achieve their full potential. Comment.

Go fly a kite!

Featured Event: Watch your kite take flight and soar over the Manhattan skyline at the annual Kite Festival in Brooklyn Bridge Park on Sept. 13. Comment.

Mime time: Learn the history of the art

Featured Event: Families can explore the fascinating world of mime with the Funny Bones Mime Trio. Comment.

Think outside the (lunch) box

Good Sense Eating: Lunch has changed from the sandwich, piece of fruit, and bag of chips your parents prepared for you. Comment.

Explore the imagery of language

Featured Event: The Children’s Museum of the Arts presents Drawn to Language. Comment.

Dreading back-to-school season

This mom is not looking forward to the chores and nagging that must be done when school opens up again. Comment.

Out of the woods

New & Noteworthy: Great Britain-based clothing line Mini Boden has created a line of colorful, woodland-themed novelty tights that put the focus on those long neglected joints — the knees! Comment.

New test to evaluate children’s readiness for college

Plus, what are the requirements for being a truly involved parent, helping children find friends in a new city, and keeping track of children’s progress at school. Comment.

Is your child’s backpack safe?

Approximately 6,000 children are injured each year due to wearing a book bag that is inappropriate for them. Here are five safety tips for easing the pain of going back to school. Comment.

Now that you’ve given them wings: Exploring your new parenting role and lifestyle

Lions and Tigers and Teens: When the last of the kids is off to college, it’s an opportunity to enjoy some rekindling of romance in the empty nest. Comment.

Interactive fun at the Guggenheim

Featured Event: Just Drop In for a fun Sunday of interactive art projects at the Guggenheim Museum. Comment.

Become a Palisades protector

Featured Event: Families learn about the history of Theodore Roosevelt and his involvement with saving the Palisades at the Family Art workshop at Wave Hill the weekend of Sept. 6 and 7. Comment.

Back to savings: Ten ways to save big on back-to-school shopping

Welcome the new school year in frugal fashion with these tips for back-to-school savings. Comments (1).

Adventure in China

New & Noteworthy: New DVD features New Mouse City journalist Geronimo Stilton in four adventures, including “Going Down to Chinatown.” Comment.

Traveling back to the future

Featured Event: Celebrate the anniversaries of two of New York’s World’s Fairs with an exhibit about the future of transportation. Comment.

‘Peanut Butter’ in a jam

New & Noteworthy: “Peanut Butter & Cupcake!” by Terry Border is a deliciously funny new picture book about what it takes to make new friends. Comment.

A month of fun at Bartow-Pell Mansion

Featured Event: Families can enjoy several activities offered at the beautiful Bartow-Pell Mansion from Sept. 5 through Sept. 27. Comment.

School’s open

Letter from the Publisher: This month features stories on after-school activities, sleep routines, shopping savings, and treating athlete head injuries. Comment.

Go back in time with these tales

Featured Event: Children discover the magic of stories with Story museum at Historic Richmond Town. Comment.

Crash course: Returning to a school-year sleep routine

You can’t make kids celebrate summer’s end, but you can plan for brighter mornings and happier days with some advance preparation. Comment.

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