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A voice for the bullied

The Book Worm: Middle and high schoolers who have ever felt bullied should read “To This Day” by Shane Koyczan. Comment.

Kidz Talk app tracks your child’s progress

Special Child: An interview with Susan French, the developer of the speech aid app Kidz Talk. Comment.

This house is just right

New & Noteworthy: If your child loves doll houses, but you don’t love those space hogs in your living room, or you want to foster a love of classic children’s literature, Storytime Toys are easy-to-store playthings and books that will delight kids of all ages. Comment.

To the moon and back

Special Child: Here are 10 ways to increase your family affection at home. Comment.

New things to try in the new year

Fabulyss Finds: A new year means a fresh start! Comment.

Fight colds and flu with foods

Good Sense Eating: One of the most important things you can do is to consume foods rich in probiotics. Comment.

Toxic friends, mean girls, and why we allow it

Healthy Living: What we should teach our young girls is that if anyone treats them poorly on a consistent basis, they probably shouldn’t be their friend. Comment.

Ben Rudnick & Friends in concert

Featured Event: Families enjoy this kid-friendly music and sing-a-long. Comment.

Usher in the Year of the Sheep

Featured Event: Enjoy this production of traditional music and dance. Comment.

Signs your child may have a writing problem

Dear Teacher: My kid does not like to write. How do I know if he has a problem with writing? Comment.

The Strange Eating Habits Of Kids: When Do You Indulge?

Just Write Mom: Typically, when you think a particular action is wrong, you discourage your kids from doing it. But what about all those gray areas? Comment.

Carving out time for creativity — it’s not just for kids

There are plenty of articles out there that talk about what we can do for our children to help them be more creative and connected beings. What about us parents? Comment.

Tweens, parents, and ‘the talk’

Parents Helping Parents: A single mother of a boy might feel topics related to puberty are off limits, but for many teen and tweens, parental support and guidance are appreciated. Comment.

Recycled love and pro-social millennials

A teen’s desire to help kids in need and keep the planet clean has grown exponentially since its start in 2006. Comment.

Summer camp the family way

Mount Snow brings everyone together to unplug and reconnect. Comment.

Points for creativity

New & Noteworthy: It takes a child to know what a child will like, and 8-year-old Sam Ash has invented a bowl with a hoop that will have kids focused on (playing with) their food. Comment.

Anything you can do

The Book Worm: For the child who hates to hear the words “you can’t,” she’ll love “Firebird” by Misty Copeland, about a hopeful ballerina who learns that she most certainly can. Comment.

Parenting conference at 92Y

Featured Event: Moms and dads benefit from this workshop. Comment.

Treating pediatric acid reflux

Family Health: Diagnosing your child’s acid reflux begins with a visit to the pediatrician. Comment.

Information clients should have regarding mediation

Divorce & Separation: Should divorce lawyers tell clients about mediation, when doing so might cost them? Comment.

Dealing with disappointment

Special Child: How can parents help kids navigate a world that isn’t always fun or fair? Here are some age-by-age guidelines. Comment.

Focus on eye health

Every parent should be on the look out for potential problems with her child’s health, and vision impairment is no exception. Comment.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year

Featured Event: Families enjoy this joyous performance by the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company. Comment.

‘Lionboy’ comes to the New Victory Theater

Featured Event: Enjoy this play about a boy trying to save his parents. Comment.

Giving voice to families impacted by autism

Special Child: A new picture book, “Silent Voices,” by Barry Rudner, highlights the occurrence of autism, how it can afflict any child, and how it impacts families. Comment.

Whoo goes there?

Featured Event: Join the rangers on an owl prowl at Blue Heron Nature Center on Jan. 18 and 25. Comment.

Exploring the great outdoors!

Special Child: Toddlers, school-age children, and older teenagers with special needs can all benefit from learning outside. Comment.

Play with this food

New & Noteworthy: Stack ‘Em Up Doughnuts is a stacking game that’s as beneficial for a toddler’s fine-motor skills as it is deliciously decorated. Comment.

How old is old enough for social networking?

Growing Up Online: There are several compelling reasons — including legal ones — to think twice before allowing children under the age of 13 to sign up for any social media site designed for adults. Comment.

Washington DC for families

In commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. day, here are 10 places and events in our nation’s capital that you cannot miss. Comment.

‘Cinderella’ at BAM

Featured Event: Children will love this updated version of the classic ballet. Comment.

‘Paradise Lost’

Featured Event: A dance and concert of traditional Korean music. Comment.

Windows and wheels

A roller skating lesson teaches one dad about letting go, while hoping his support throughout his young daughter’s life will inspire her to make good choices later. Comment.

Celebrate Civil Rights Week

Featured Event: Children learn about civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr with a scavenger hunt. Comment.

Trust your instincts

Special Child: Feel more connected to your autistic child by going with, instead of against, him. Comment.

Get a Clue

New & Noteworthy: Light up those dark winter nights with a rousing round of Clue, made new again with a detail-rich, three-dimensional game board. Comment.

The dinos are in town

Featured Event: Come face to tooth with these realistic animatronic dinosaurs at the Staten Island Zoo. Comment.

Take a lilting journey with Musical Story time

Featured Event: Children are treated to a musical storytime every Tuesday throughout the month of January ay Bank Street Bookstore. Comment.

Tasty science lessons

New & Noteworthy: Edible Chemistry Kit makes science lessons more palatable. Comment.

Ice skating at Lefrak Lakeside

Featured Event: Families twirl, jump, and enjoy the indoor and outdoor rinks. Comment.

We all have special needs

Parenting a child with special needs? You have special needs, too!

Special Child: This mother put her needs behind those of her special-needs child, and her other family members, until she learned that taking care of herself meant she could be a better caregiver. Comment.

How to take care of your needs

Special Child: The more you take care of yourself, the better a caregiver you are to your special-needs child. Comment.

Three Kings Day

Featured Event: Enjoy Three KIngs Day at Teatro Sea. Comment.

All aboard with Thomas for adventure

Featured Event: Help Thomas and Friends with their adventure at the New York Botanical Gardens from Jan. 3 to 25. Comment.

Whimsical Winter Wonder

Featured Event: View a winter wonderland through art at Poe Park Visitor Center through Jan. 31. Comment.

Take a bird stroll in the garden

Featured Event: Families enjoy a fun day with nature. Comment.

Afternoon tea at Mt. Vernon Hotel

Featured Event: Children can listen to a story and bring a favorite teddy bear or doll. Comment.

Kids Night on Broadway

The 19th annual Kids Night on Broadway provides parents a chance to expose their kids to live theater. Participating shows range include “Aladdin,” “The Lion King,” “Matilda the Musical” and more. Comment.

New year’s peace resolution

How do we teach our children about peace? Here are a few suggestions for how we can be role models of peace for our families. Comments (1).

Take a stroll down Gingerbread Lane

Featured Event: Visit this sweet treat at the New York Hall of Science and take a bit home. Comment.

The Harlem Gospel Choir

Featured Event: Start the New Year off with a free concert by world-famous gospel singers. Comment.

Thoughts on 2015

Letter from the Publisher: As New York parents we must provide our children with as much contact with other people as possible. Comment.

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